4MAS CutBrush (Black and Red) Mod 3

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The MOD 3 CutBrush NOW has more consistent power, stronger motor and NEW DESIGN BRISTLES for the ULTIMATE GROOMING TOOL!!!

This product is Hairbrush and Trimmer in one designed to keep the hair trimmed daily until your next barbershop visit. This product is easy to use which simplifies your self haircutting experience. This is a self-grooming tool, but can also be used for professional grooming. Time is money. The MODEL 3 CutBrush saves you both.

Our innovative design combines a hair clipper and hairbrush all into one powerful tool.


This product comes with a STAINLESS STEEL DETACHABLE BLADE. This blade is set at approximately 0.7 mm. More detachable blades are coming soon in different sizes to allow you to use this product without comb attachments to meet all your hair care needs.


The bristles on this product is made of 100% nylon. The bristles are detachable and are easy to clean when needed. When using the bristles on the brush during haircutting, TRIM THE HAIR ONLY. Trimming the hair will prevent the bristles to become clogged. REMOVE THE BRISTLES to cut the hair in bulk, for some this is known as a "wolf." This will prevent clogging.


Attaches handle & bristles. Powered by a lithium-ion battery (10 watts of consistent power) with a 4 hour battery life for each 2 hour charge.

BRISTLES (Med/Hard):

New design removable bristles | 100% nylon | Easy cleaning


5 Multi-size attachments included, 2mm thru 6mm. For your desired hair length.


Detachable ambidextrous design


for rechargeable lithium ion battery (included)
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